Koufonisia islands are located in the heart of the Cyclades. They consist of two islands, Pano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Koufonisi. A narrow strait of land with a width of 200 m separates the two islands. Just opposite, the island of Keros is located, an emblematic, sacred but currently uninhabited island, which, however, hosts important findings of the Cycladic civilization.

The scenery is completed by the nearby picturesque, small Glaronisi, which is a secure residence of seagulls.

Koufonisia islands are part of the Small Cyclades complex. They are located southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. Schinoussa and Iraklia islands are located Southwest of Koufonisia.

Pano Koufonisi has an area of only 5.7 km2 and a population of 366 inhabitants.

Their main occupation is fishing and, to a lesser extent, cattle-breeding. In recent years, as the island shows intense tourist development, residents are also involved in tourism business.

Pano Koufonisi has amazing beaches, the most famous of which are Pori and Italida, although Ammos, which is located within the settlement, gains constantly new friends.

The beaches of the island have transparent turquoise waters, soft sandy beaches and charming cliffs and caves.

Along the coastline there are small beaches with thin or thick pebbles that can make you feel like you are alone on the island.

Kato Koufonisi has an area of 4.4 km2. It is almost uninhabited, as it has only a few residences of fishermen and is mostly inhabited in the summer. During the summer, many visitors camp for a while on the small island to better experience nature. Others choose to visit its beaches either with boats from the island or with their own boats.

In Kato Koufonisi there is a picturesque Cycladic tiny church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which is built on the ancient ruins of a Byzantine Church, where a celebration is held on the 15th of August (Assumption).

During the summer months, the only tavern of the island, “Venetsanos”, is open with special boho style.

Koufonisia, an ideal place for summer vacations combined with the spirit of warm Greek hospitality, offer tranquillity, comfort and relaxation, which is evident by the tourist boom of the last years.

If you just want to leave the city behind, swim in clear blue, transparent, cool waters, enjoy all aspects of the sea, taste fresh fish, we believe that Koufonisi is the ideal destination.

Local festivals & events

  • Saint George is the patron of the island with its temple dominating the centre of the island. The island’s feast of Saint George is celebrated gloriously with the Litany of the icon. The festival and its delicacies are offered by the Celebrant, the islander who is dedicated to the Saint.
  • In the celebration of the Holy Spirit “The feast of the fisherman” takes place. Fresh fish and seafood, local dishes and drinks are offered to all. A dancing feast is set up by island groups and dance groups to lead and get everyone to dance.
  • On August 15th, islanders and tourists travel by boats to Kato Koufonisi to attend the Mass in the small church of the Virgin Mary. After the Mass, a lunch with local delicacies follows. In the evening, the feast continues with musical instruments and dance in the taverns of the island.

Local products

It is worth trying, beyond the fresh fish, the local rakomelo, the handmade nougat, “xerotigana” (honeyed dough strips), handmade sweets, “fava” (split peas), and local cheeses.


  • Yes. There is one of Piraeus Bank with the option of Interbanking Transaction (Interbanking System DIAS).

  • The island has a Pharmacy. There is also a Medical Office with a rural doctor and a nurse. The nearest hospital is in Naxos.

  • Yes. It provides water and electricity. Information on the Travel Agency PRASINOS tel. 2285071438.

  • Yes, there is a gas station on the island.

    • Hair salon
    • Beauty and massage institute
    • Summer clothing stores and souvenir shops
    • Bookstore / Newsstand
    • Shop with traditional products
    • Two supermarkets
    • Taxi
    • Post office
  • The distance from the port is about 250 m and 300 m from the center of the village.

  • It is not necessary because the longest walk is about 50 minutes on foot.

  • There are no umbrellas and sun loungers at the beaches of the island.

  • No, an organized camping no longer operates in Koufonisi.

  • There are no motorbikes, nor cars to rent on the island, only bicycles.

  • You can go to the beaches:

    On foot, by bicycle, with the boats (latza=small open sailing boat) of the island, by bus of the NAXOS BUS LINES (KTEL) which operates only in the summer months, by taxi.

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